sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

From A Photo Shoot II

I consider myself a photography "Fan", if there's an opportunity, specially big ones, I try to be there and take the best shot. And this wasn't the exeption~

It was exactly March 8th of this year when I took this pic. My bro [who I'm really thankful with because he went with me to the airport] and my friends were there. This happen three days before their second concert here, in Lima- Perú. Clan Of Xymox arrived to the International Jorge Chavez Airport about 7:00 PM. Imagine, everyone were so excited and histeric, everbody wanted to take a pic with Xymox... Well, they pass very close to me, somebody took a picture to Mojca and me but I don't really know who was, so funny.

Well, finally this is not the only picture, I won't deny that because of the people's mess, was kind of complicated to take a good shot, anyway I had fun trying.

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