miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

End of the Halloween vibe

Ok I was supposed to post this at the firsts days of November but I couldn't
There are the last pictures I could get form my institute *-*
They made a nice Halloween decoration take a look:

Pretty nice isn't it?
It's such a pitty that it's ended... let's wait till the next year...

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

The Ice Age Pasta!

Last Thursday, I asked her to do the lunch and my mom gave me this

It was fun because I love that movie so much but my favorite character is Diego, the saber tiger. The interesting thing is that this bag came up with a cute sticker:

The sticker itself had a bad quality

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

That's Why I LOVE October!

On last Monday's morning, I saw a very different Information Desk * 

This is the reason why I love October, especially the last weeks and days; because is Halloween! October is a synonim of Halloween for me.
I love the Halloween vibe! And it's not just about Halloween but, my birthday...
Every year on October 31th at midnight, the vibe is just amazing. I think it is because I like how is it now. You see all decorated with spiderwebs, skulls, bones, witches, spiders and all those funny creepy stuff.
If someone is there with me at midnight, that person can easily hug me and tell: 'Happy Birthday'. Yep, my birthday is on November 1st and I'm used to party the night before.

Getting back to the first picture, look at that spider:

Don't you think it is amazing?
I've never seen a spider like this one... I loved it! *-* I want to have it in my bedroom ^^

And What do you think about this pumkin man?

It seems to have a bulb in there if so, I would like to see it at night *-*
But I think a witch or a ghost would have been better than this pumkin man. Well, a ghost would have made it look 'creepier'  than a pumkin, maybe this is what they wanted to show: a funnier look.

*I don't know who's the man standing there XD

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012

At First Glance, It's a Statue

After the meeting yesterday on Lima downtown, I went to buy books on my way back home.
When I was getting back from the bank I saw this statue.

Well, at first glance it obviously looks like a statue because he's very still, he doesn't move at all. But it isn't. It's a well dressed up man. It was funny because long time ago I don't see artists like this. He seems to be playing the role of a soldier. He did it well.

There were a lot of amazed kids trying to touch him but then, he was like: 'baaaang, don't touch me or I'll shoot' [of course he didn't speak at all, he just made wear sounds and gestures]

Thumbs up! thumbs up for artist like this. Amazing, isn't it?

I Love Them! I Mean, They're Perfect!

After MONTHS [literally] of waiting I finally have these sexyness with me!

I love them! I mean, they're perfect!
Long time ago, I saw a friend wearing them, but I didn't know how to get them. Well finally, years later I got them ♥


I purchased these on a online store of a friend of mine. There was a problem with the size so, I got a bigger one and I had to have them resized. For this, I had to wait a lot of time. It was worth , because they're perfect now ♥
These pair of sexyness came with big plats, buckles, a couple laces. What I love the most is that they have platforms... I love wearing platforms~ unfortunately, I couldn't get one with 12inches~ but is still perfect.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

From Old to Special

I found and old notebook I haven't used since two years ago I think.
So I though It would be a good opportunity to make handicrafts ^^
Well, It's not a handicrafting itself, but in some part it is. 
I love handicrafting. I've made a lot of artworks I'd like you to see.
One thing I like the most is taking old stuff and make them new through handicrafting.

Forget about the makeup behind there. XD
That was an old book I cover with one of my favorite's song lyrics. That's the back cover. The front cover, is this: 

That's my favorite phrase of other different song...
I chose that phrase because It describes my whole life...
And then, that's how something may become special in someway. Maybe later I'll show you all my handicraft jobs ^^ 

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Ideas Come To Me Easily

Tomorrow is the presentation of my project and I'm thinking to show up with this: 

Yeah, yeah, you may be thinking: 'what the hell?' 
Ok, I'll explain: My project is about people who have the craziest body modifications done in order to look better or in order to look like they want. 
My group and I chose to talk about The Human Barbie Doll, which is a Russian female, and the well-know Tigerman. 
We had to make a sketch and I'm glad to be the one who wrote the script :)
I wanted to write the script because I consider myself as a very creative person. Many ideas come to my mind easily. I'm not showing off anything, or "blowing my own trumpet", ok? I hate people who shows off for something. 
Well, getting back to what I'm going to do tomorrow~ :)
I'll play the role of the girl who wants to look like a barbie doll. It was hard for me to write about this role because It is hard for me to understand why a girl wants to look like a doll

Take a look: 

What do you think about her?
Don't you think he looks unnatural and fake? Well, in some way, I do. It was hard for me to understand this so, in that sense, It was a little bit hard to write that part of the script because I wanted to do a funny one.
But anyway~ I think this barbie doll, the one at the top of this post, will help me to communicate the funny side~

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

It's A Kick-ass Cat ♥

I mean, look at this cuteness

He's my cat Schön. He's sleeping on my bro's bed.
He's the funniest cat I mean... he's cute, he's crazy. He does crazy things all day.

I like to tease my cat [in a good way] XD because he likes to call the others attention. Sometimes I have arguments with him [really, I'm not kidding] I call him 'araña' [spider in English] It's a Spanish joke...
Sometimes also, he gets annoyed when I take some pics to him:

See? he's upset LOL
Ok, I'll stop writing about my cat now, because he's going to get angry and he'll step on the keyboard to write badly about me... 
Ok, forget about it XD

lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

Ustream Uroboros [Funny Comments]

Do you remember the Dir En Grey's Uroboros USTREAM 2012?? xD
Well, when watching the whole transmition, my friend and I, made this video with "funny" comments
something called 'trollest' version. 
I'm dressed in black. My friend is the one with glasses [duh, Can I be anymore obvious?]
It's too dark >_<!

This is only a short version. The full version will be able in a couple weeks, maybe...
Enjoy it :D

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

Happy Peruvian Day!

Today is Independance Day in Peru.
Since the last year, I've been saving this picture to post it today:

This jacket is special. This is the one we [with some other friends] gave to DIR EN GREY's Shinya, as a gift for their first visit to Peru. Everytime I see this jacket, reminds me to those days when some friends and I had fun because of the concert. That's why I mention it.

That logo on it, It's the well-known 'Peru's Brand', released to promote our country's culture.
Awesome, isn't it?

In spite of the hard days, I'm glad I was born in this country. They have taught me to fight for my life's goals.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012

My Second Blood Donation

Ok this may seem a little bit hard but I had to post it XD

The last week I had a blood donation. My aunt is going to have her baby soon and she needs blood for the cesarean operation. My uncle asked me to do this and I inmediately said: 'of course uncle, count on me! Sure I'll donate blood to my dear aunt'

I really don't know what's this. Do you?
In the waiting room, all the other donators were scared and nervous. This is my second blood donation and I'm not scared. Even in the first time I wasn't. I'm not afraid to these procedures, things. In fact, It's a pleasure to help others.

And then, She began. My weakness is that needles make me laugh so hard! XD It tickles~~. The nurse smiled when she saw me laghing and asked me why I was laguhing so hard. I told her: 'It (the needle) makes me laugh a lot!'

And now waiting for that bag to be filled with my blood...

And that's it. That blood will be used to help my aunt. 

I've said many times that I'd like to make 100 blood donations (If I could do more, the better) I don't know, It's one of those things I want to do in my life so, the next time somebody needs blood I won't hesitate to say 'yees! count on me!'

miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Crab Bag ♥

This has to be my fave bag of all ♥

My mom bought it for me when I was a child. I have good memories of it. She bought it from my aunt [She passed the way this year] and I recalled when my aunt saw it for the first time before sell it to my mom, she smiled and laughed. 
These last weeks I'm using it and... I can't still forget when I got it.

domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

I wish I were...

Don't misunderstand this picture I mean...

A friend of mine gave me this the last week before the rehearsal, he told me that he had the chance to be part APOP staff.
About a month before this, I told him that I like APOP so much so he told me he'd give me this staff credential... just like a memory. I'd have been glad to be part of the staff just to see them closer and work with them.

Funny, but I wasn't able to attend to the concert. That hurts.