lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

From Old to Special

I found and old notebook I haven't used since two years ago I think.
So I though It would be a good opportunity to make handicrafts ^^
Well, It's not a handicrafting itself, but in some part it is. 
I love handicrafting. I've made a lot of artworks I'd like you to see.
One thing I like the most is taking old stuff and make them new through handicrafting.

Forget about the makeup behind there. XD
That was an old book I cover with one of my favorite's song lyrics. That's the back cover. The front cover, is this: 

That's my favorite phrase of other different song...
I chose that phrase because It describes my whole life...
And then, that's how something may become special in someway. Maybe later I'll show you all my handicraft jobs ^^ 

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