miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

That's Why I LOVE October!

On last Monday's morning, I saw a very different Information Desk * 

This is the reason why I love October, especially the last weeks and days; because is Halloween! October is a synonim of Halloween for me.
I love the Halloween vibe! And it's not just about Halloween but, my birthday...
Every year on October 31th at midnight, the vibe is just amazing. I think it is because I like how is it now. You see all decorated with spiderwebs, skulls, bones, witches, spiders and all those funny creepy stuff.
If someone is there with me at midnight, that person can easily hug me and tell: 'Happy Birthday'. Yep, my birthday is on November 1st and I'm used to party the night before.

Getting back to the first picture, look at that spider:

Don't you think it is amazing?
I've never seen a spider like this one... I loved it! *-* I want to have it in my bedroom ^^

And What do you think about this pumkin man?

It seems to have a bulb in there if so, I would like to see it at night *-*
But I think a witch or a ghost would have been better than this pumkin man. Well, a ghost would have made it look 'creepier'  than a pumkin, maybe this is what they wanted to show: a funnier look.

*I don't know who's the man standing there XD

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