lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Ideas Come To Me Easily

Tomorrow is the presentation of my project and I'm thinking to show up with this: 

Yeah, yeah, you may be thinking: 'what the hell?' 
Ok, I'll explain: My project is about people who have the craziest body modifications done in order to look better or in order to look like they want. 
My group and I chose to talk about The Human Barbie Doll, which is a Russian female, and the well-know Tigerman. 
We had to make a sketch and I'm glad to be the one who wrote the script :)
I wanted to write the script because I consider myself as a very creative person. Many ideas come to my mind easily. I'm not showing off anything, or "blowing my own trumpet", ok? I hate people who shows off for something. 
Well, getting back to what I'm going to do tomorrow~ :)
I'll play the role of the girl who wants to look like a barbie doll. It was hard for me to write about this role because It is hard for me to understand why a girl wants to look like a doll

Take a look: 

What do you think about her?
Don't you think he looks unnatural and fake? Well, in some way, I do. It was hard for me to understand this so, in that sense, It was a little bit hard to write that part of the script because I wanted to do a funny one.
But anyway~ I think this barbie doll, the one at the top of this post, will help me to communicate the funny side~

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

It's A Kick-ass Cat ♥

I mean, look at this cuteness

He's my cat Schön. He's sleeping on my bro's bed.
He's the funniest cat I mean... he's cute, he's crazy. He does crazy things all day.

I like to tease my cat [in a good way] XD because he likes to call the others attention. Sometimes I have arguments with him [really, I'm not kidding] I call him 'araña' [spider in English] It's a Spanish joke...
Sometimes also, he gets annoyed when I take some pics to him:

See? he's upset LOL
Ok, I'll stop writing about my cat now, because he's going to get angry and he'll step on the keyboard to write badly about me... 
Ok, forget about it XD