jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

It's A Kick-ass Cat ♥

I mean, look at this cuteness

He's my cat Schön. He's sleeping on my bro's bed.
He's the funniest cat I mean... he's cute, he's crazy. He does crazy things all day.

I like to tease my cat [in a good way] XD because he likes to call the others attention. Sometimes I have arguments with him [really, I'm not kidding] I call him 'araña' [spider in English] It's a Spanish joke...
Sometimes also, he gets annoyed when I take some pics to him:

See? he's upset LOL
Ok, I'll stop writing about my cat now, because he's going to get angry and he'll step on the keyboard to write badly about me... 
Ok, forget about it XD

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