miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2009

Month video: World Magnetic Tour 2010

When I got notice of this one, oh my... Well, the first time I read about that, I didn't believe it, my reaction was to push F5 buttom.
I repeat, didn't believe it! Even when I saw the video hereunder.
I always wanted they to perform in my country. Now, that they're going to come here, I repeat again, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This is going to be the first time I attend to a Metallica's concert! yeah guys, one of my dreams will be fulfill.

At the same time I feel sad, because they're coming when Jason Newsted doesn't belong to the band anymore and, when they recently have changed their way to make performances. In summary: I miss their youth! when they did crazier stuff, when Kirk made longer solos than now and Lars made stupid things...T_T. But, it doesn't matter. They're coming and that's the deal, as always they'll give an elaborated and a DIGNIFIED show.

Oh, and other reason to not believe it, they will open the southamerican tour [Wolrd Magnetic tour 2010] HERE! [PERU!]

Simple, when i saw this video...T_T I literally CRIED!

I mean, this video mixes many feelings of long years of waiting! and it has the The Ecstasy Of Gold theme too!, what else could be so dramatic and touching?

It seems to be imposible...and now is possible, I'll move sky, sea, ground, rocks and anything to get a ticket! I must go! and I'm going to go! when I propose something, I never give up until my dreams are fulfill!

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  1. ptm yo tbm cuando vi el video estaba histerico ...d la rksm no crei a q vendrian al peru METALLICA KSM!!!