miércoles, 6 de enero de 2010

"Millonarios Del Rock" [Punto Final, Frecuencia Latina]

This interview was made one week before Christmas, if I'm not wrong. I missed it but I've already seen it... xD

When I hear Kirk saying "The Nazca Planes" I wanted to jump into the screen and hug him... tell him: man! I've dreamt to se 'tallica live my hole life " 

Well, it was an excellent interview, even though the reporter was very slow... kinda shy, that's my opinion. He should ask him more questions or make a good conversation, change opinions with Kirk, come on! who wouldn't do that? If there's the oportunity, of course. I think the nervousness got him... I should have been there! they should send me as a reporter to talk him with my "fluent" english xD and tell Kirk the mean message from all peruvian fans xD... Well, even though Lars and James were not in the interview, watching this video pushed me harder to fulfill my goal. Exactly, I MUST GET MY TICKET! T_T

You can find the second and third part in related vids, with the same headline.

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