martes, 12 de enero de 2010

[ONE] Step Done!

OMFG! Damn it! Sorry... I mean it's... you know, you can't express you desesperation in a writting and that's what I wanted to do when I recieved my ticket to the concert T_T I still can't believe it, I still can't believe that "Lima- Perú" is written on the ticket! I can't believe they're going to step on peruvian soil! I can't believe that I took a pic to a ticket which is mine neather!! I can't believe it!

jan 19
Y todo Gracias a la Dama Oscura...aunque no leas este post, es para ti ^^.

It's a dream. Many years ago, the idea of Metallica in Lima would be more unbelieveable for me than now. It's a fact that I wanted to get an M zone ticket but, lack of money, you know... So I set out myself to get an E zone ticket because I knew I was in a hard situation.

Anyway, It doesn't matter anymore, This is the time, there's nothing to stop me, not even the mentioned tranports strike... pfff! that's meaningless for me. The only one thing I really care about is getting into those San Marco's stadium doors and run like hell to those E zone obstacles and finally enjoy every second, because they're going to be amazing as always. If somebody record those momments of histeria would be awesome... like a DVD record yeah! Talking about DVD's... What an envy!, being honest. It's so sad to see ANOTHER DVD recorded in Mexico T_T lucky mexicans.

Anyway, as I told you, The Southamerican and Death Magnetic tour 2010 opening has no comparison, not even with three nights in Mexico xD. If there's a "Metallica tres noches: Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria" in Mexico, there's a "Metallica en lima: Alma, Corazón y Vida" xD LOL
I'm just kidding my dear Mexicans ^^ don't get upset with this ;)

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  1. YO tambien fui a Zona E! FACIL estuvimos pogueando juntos?? KIEN SABE!
    pero si ksm el mejor dia d la ptm!! METALLICA \M/ AAARRGG!!

  2. ¡Quién sabe!, yo estaba en los obstaculos de la zona E...bien adelante, al centro xD