domingo, 17 de enero de 2010

Own Setlist =D

About January 19th.
The day is getting closer and everybody is bitting their own lips because of the concern of finding out what songs is Metallica going to perform this anticipated January 19th.
Well, we don't have to worry about Puppetz, Nothing, Sandman, Sad, Seek and... [damn! I always forget them!] because they're the fixed songs in Metallica's setlist.

And me, I'm in that group of people who bites their own lips because of the concerning... I even make my own setlist =]

This is the first concert, so I don't care about what song are they going to play because it will be the very first time I listen to it, live, here, in my country.


The ectasy of gold xD [UNMISSABLE SOLE "OPENNING"]

1. Creep
2. Fuel
3. Bellz
5. Puppetz
6. Sandman
7. Frantic [yep, don't get upset guys xD] /Clover/ Nightmare
8. Fade
9. Horsemen
10. Nothing
11. One
12. Sad
13. Unforgiven / Sanitarium
14. Memory
15. BBS
16. Darling
17.Kill/lightin' medley xD
Hit the lights
Fight fire wiht fire
18. Seek!

Wow! there aren't many song of the new album xD Because I want to hear those ones, those song which made I knew Metallica! Those ones I grew with! the truth. My rate about the new album from 1 to 10, It's a 9, though. The left point it's because the intro in "the Unforgiven III" wow, how much time I wait for the third part...

I can't believe when I see these flyers around the city. T_T

Sometimes I think It doesn't matter what songs they play, I love them! with or without St. Anger... All their songs are welcome to my ears and I really understand some "fan's" dissapointment: Metallica has been the band with more changes I've ever seen and listen in my entire life but, they're good cause changes, Metallica mean evolution and adaptation, and to some people, to be different is wrong. Metallica didn't want to be one more band from the Metal Bands List. THAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT, very different to any other band. I dont't care if they broke the "law" with their ballads, I don't complain with Loads and Anger neather, those are good as Kill, Lightning, Black, Puppetz and justice as well [I know that many people want to kill me now for writting that, but it's my opinion] Because Metallica are not just the top five albums THEY'RE EVERTHING!

I've read how some people write some stuff like "Cliff is squirming in his grave" [Because now, the band is nothing compare to the old times, when Cliff was alive]. I'm not going to be stupid and deny it. I'm talking about the different not about the squirming in his grave. But I think If those people are "true" Metallica fans I'd tell them "be good ones and accept them as they are". Only people who really love a band can do that. And If you don't like "the new sh!t" well, likes are likes and I respect opinions =]

Thnks for reading this post.
"I always like sharing what I like"

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  1. pta tu setlist esta acertado en las 3 primeras, el setlist d la rksm del 19 yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhrrg! pta yo llore en one lo acepto como buen fan