jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

It's a Dream World!

On last June 11th, Mix Speaker's Inc. had their first amazing gig in U.S at AnimeNEXT 2011. People over there said It was amazing. Damn it, I don't need to be there to believe that!! EVERY single MSI performance is absolutely amazing!

Well, turning back to the main subject. Here's the last album: "It's a dream world". The limited version include a CD with 14 amazing tracks and a DVD featuring the music video of 傘の下の世界 [kasa no shita no sekai] which early, was a single.
They perform in this event with they Animal customes [Third story "Mix Land"]: Seek as Condor Zombie, S as Sheep Zombie, Keiji as Lion Zombie, Aya as Rabbit Zombie, Miki as Cat Zombie and finally Yuki as Dog Zombie.

This has been taken from MSI's Youtube Channel

As you may have seen, the customes they're using in this new album are different: Circus theme. Seek as Condor Pierrot, S as Sheep Pierrot, Keiji as Lion Pierrot, Aya as Rabbit Pierrot, Miki as Cat Pierrot and finally but not less importat ♥ Yuki as Dog Pierrot.

1. It's a Dream World 〜Openning Ceremony〜
2. 傘の下の世界 [kasa no shita no sekai]
3. Circus
4. シンデレラ[Cinderella]
5. No、5 Coaster
6. うらめし屋敷 [Urameshi yashiki]
7. Mix 童話1〜Apple Song〜 [Mix Doowa 1〜Apple Song〜]
8. Mix 童話2〜Imperial March〜 [Mix doowa 2〜Imperial March〜]
9. Mix 童話3〜パlampルテ〜 [Mix doowa 3〜 pa lamp rute〜]
10. Midnight Queen
11. Fairy-Magic-Jungle
12. Secret Room
13. HAPPyyy!! Land
14. See you again...

Later I will be posting the 傘の下の世界 [kasa no shita no sekai] Lyrics, in kana and Romaji ^^

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  1. Llegué a tu blog *-* (desde FB)
    Nyanya amo a MSI (?) además, me gustaron mucho sus vestuarios :'3 todos bonitos... También las canciones son bonitas...

    Iba a pedir ese album pero no tengo dinero y no creo hacerlo u_ú...
    En fin, te leo :3